Sunday, November 29, 2009

My grandmother

This is a picture (from left to right) of my mother, me, my grandmother, and my two uncles on Thanksgiving 2009.

Thanksgiving was wonderful. I love family gatherings because we usually do not see each other. This Thanksgiving was at my grandmother's house, and I am so blessed to still have her in my life. As most of you know, the tattoo on my back is for my grandfather (her husband) who passed away in 2004. We miss him so much.

My grandmother has endured A LOT in her lifetime. Recently, her brother passed away.. Lemme tell ya'll.. I tried SO HARD not to cry.. But when we were saying our final goodbyes before the coffin was closed.. I saw my grandmother just, NOT wanting to let go.. She stood in front of my uncle's coffin for a long time, just crying and talking to him.. I burst out in tears and sat next to her at the burial.

Please, ya'lls.. APPRECIATE AND LOVE YOUR FAMILY. Live every day as if it's your last, because tomorrow is NEVER ever promised. We hear this so often, but only when something DRASTIC happens, do we really feel it and feel motivated to live by those words. Don't let it be too late.

I love my family, close friends, and my wonderful subbies that keep me inspired and motivated to LIVE and do what I love to do. I love each and every one of you.

<3 Leina

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Hey loves! Thanksgiving is tomorrow. Who else is excited to grubb though!? Lol. Here are 10 things I'm thankful for:

1. My LOVING family. I am truly NOTHING without them.
2. My nephews and neice for always putting a smile on my face even after a long, exhausting day of work. They're my babies!
3. My best/close friends for keeping me leveled.
4. Good health
5. Life
6. My lovely YouTubers for the love they show me, and supporting and motivating me to pursue my career in makeup artistry.
7. My co-workers for teaching me so much about life, how to interact with different types of people and personalities, and proper etiquette.
8. My job. Without it I could not pay my bills or afford the crazy things I buy, lol.
9. My handy iPhone for keeping me organized. I'd be lost without it. Haha.
10. The guy who showed me a whole new perspective of life and opened up my mind. (He knows who he is..)

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and spend time with your families!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Updating Ya'lls

Hi lovelys!

I am much better now! But I think I'm getting a bit sick again? This time it's coughing, runny nose, the usual sickness. Weird.. But anyhoos, THANK YOU TO ALL WHO ENTERED MY CONTEST! I am in the process of judging and will have a video up hopefully by Tuesday or Wednesday of the winners!

On another note, YES I WILL BE HAVING A BLOG SALE! PayPal will be required to all who are interested in purchasing. In this blog sale, I will be selling makeup and some fashion jewelry that I don't use at all. It'll be wonderful if you all can get them off my hands! I'm still organizing everything, but expect a blog sale soon!

If ya'll are in NorCal and want a good photographer, might I suggest Emily Nguyen? You can reach her at She's awesome! Check out this little photoshoot we did back in August. I'm sooo NOT model material. But we did it for makeup artist reasons, haha. I asked Kathy to accompany me too. Shout out to ENPhotography!

Take care everyone! Talk to you all soon!

<3 Leina

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Hiyeee loves! So I've been sick for the past few days. I think it's strep throat? Because I don't have a fever or a runny nose or etc. But omgggg, I feel HORRIBLE. I've been calling into work AND I even missed out on my bestie's birthday dinner :[
I can't eat, drink, TALK, or swallow. It hurts LIKE A BEEEEYAHTCH! But I've been drinking lots of tea and eating cough drops. So hopefully I'll be better soon. In the meantime, NO YouTube videos or Blog TV :[ Sowwwy loves! *Sighs..

I will be on Twitter (as always), lol. Aaand I will be replying to questions/messages on YouTube. So feel free to contact me. Also! I am watching the contest entries! Please MORE VIDEO ENTRIES! There are sooooo much comment entries. But I'd like to see videos, please [:

So today, it was my granduncle's funeral.. R.I.P Manuel Dizon Salangsang. We miss you and love you.
It was hard today, ya'lls. Superrr hard. We should all appreciate and live our lives to the fullest because tomorrow is NEVER ever promised. Surround yourselves with the ones you love and be thankful for life.

<3 Leina

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I accept the wonderful award!

From LoveBLENDnBeauty
Her blogspot:

"1. one of my Inspirations, Leina !! =] -- one of my inspirations for why i started this YouTube and blog shit in the first place .. she's from the bay too, love that, duh. otherwise, she's an aspiring make-up artist with a future .. to top it off, we both love Aaliyah and KK!!! =] holla. LOL."

THANK YOU, GIRRL! Such kind words [: I will definitely update this post laterrr and give my 15 awards. It's dinner time! [: Just got home! It's like 10:27pm! Grrrrr.. >:[